1.1 - The Black Bow Tie

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The first time I wore a bow tie, I felt like James Bond. It was at one of my fraternity brother’s engagement party. I was single; I wanted to stand out.

I went to a big box department store and bought a black and white paisley one that was also reversible. I didn’t own a single bow-tie at the time, which meant I definitely wanted to get at least two outfits with this one.

Hardest part was tying it myself. I wanted to be all cool and get one that I could say to people: “yeah I know tying it is hard, but it wasn't too difficult .” But actually it was very difficult. I must’ve done it at least a dozen times and caught a bicep cramp each time..

The tricky thing with a bow-tie is that it isn’t adjustable after it's tied. It’s not like a neck-tie where you can bring the knot up or down after it's done. You have to tie the knot exactly where you want it on your neck. That’s why it's easier to have someone else tie it for you, however, the satisfaction of when you finally get it right is something that you can’t put a price on. (Pro-tip: Don’t forget to stretch!)


The results were fantastic though. A lot of people gave me compliments throughout the evening. A friend even snapped a candid photo while I took a sip from my glass of whiskey. It’s been my Instagram profile picture ever since:

When it comes to bow-ties, the range is almost endless. You can be classic with a solid colored one, or bold with a patterned one. Either way, it’s a look that not only requires confidence, but instills it too.


When we looked into making a classic bow-tie, we experimented with a combination of multiple brands and different styles. That fusion gave birth to this clean cut classic black bow-tie that we bring you today.

We wanted to find you the perfect bow tie. Whether it’s for your big day down the aisle, your boss’ cocktail party, or your acceptance speech at the Oscars, this black bow-tie was created and perfectly cut for any event.

Add yours to the arsenal here


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