1.2 - The Wardrobe Essential: The Black Tie

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Not a lot of fashion accessories have a dress code named after them. Most fashion breaks down into levels of formality (ceremonial, casual etc.) that give you a vague idea of wardrobe. But a “Black Tie Event” makes it clear what your look requires.

We’re talking, obviously, about the black tie. A staple of formal and semi-formal fashion, the black tie is a critical piece in every man’s closet. Whether you’re spy or a salesmen, at an interview or a date, the black tie can make your look with its fuss-free functionality.

A Tie That Ties it all Together

The beauty—and importance—of the black tie stems from its versatility. Neckwear is a standard accessory in many events you’ll attend throughout your life: Weddings, work, weekends, and all things in-between could use a tie.

The easiest and most efficient way to be prepared for any day or night out is to first add flexible pieces to your collection. Black is a tonally neutral color in fashion. True black cloth doesn’t lean towards any other hue. Because of this, black pairs well with just about anything. Traditionally used as a contrasting element (think of the popular white shirt-black tie combo), a black tie sits nicely on light and dark palettes alike. Adding a black tie to your collection creates a simple rule to follow as you start building your wardrobe: Add variety to your shirts and versatility to your neckwear upfront.


*Style Tip: Make sure your black tie is tonally neutral. Some shades of black have color undertones that makes your piece a dark contrast to that color (midnight green, for example, is really dark but leans green). Tonally-biased ties can still apply to a dynamic range of outfits, but not with nearly the same versatility as a neutral black tie can.


Your accessories can make or break your outfit. With each new piece you introduce to your getup on a given day, the risk of getting your look wrong increases. But a multi-faceted ensemble that clicks has an enormous reward, too. The black tie is a surefire way to bring your best look together confidently.


Picking the Right Black Tie

As adaptable as the black tie is, some of the rules around how you wear one can be complex and rigid. Some black tie events, for example, will require bow tie’s only. And traditionally, the lapel facing of your jacket dictates what material your tie should be. If you’re not sure about any of this, don’t worry. We’ll explain a lot of these rules on our blog in the near future.

But really, the truth about black ties is, like the black tie itself, simple: Before you worry about the complexities of neckwear etiquette, first make sure you have black ties in your closet. Add a black necktie and a black bow tie with a silky finish for starters.

The options in your closet grow exponentially when you add black neckwear to your collection. It’s an essential piece if you want to look good and feel good day in and day out.


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