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I created this to be a platform. A way for me to show what happens if a smart consumer who's always looking for the best value, just goes out there to where everything is made and look to bring back quality items at an affordable price. 

Is this possible?

I’m not saying I’m some fashion guru nor do I think I know what trends are great before they happen. I work in a client facing role in an industry that requires me to dress business professional.

Come to think of it, I don’t think I would get in trouble if I mentioned my role since technically it is on my LinkedIn and that is technically public information. Right?

Thinking out loud as I write this, but in the spirit of remaining transparent because that’s how I want this to be. I like to keep things real and by nature I try to be as direct as I can be in anything I do. This will be no different, so here we go!

Drumroll please.

My full time 9-5 is being a financial advisor for a large financial company.

I’m not going to get into specifics because I’m not here to talk about finance (you’d have to call the number on my business card for that), but I wanted to share that for you to better understand what I mean when I say I have to dress business professional. 

I know we’re in an age where this new hipster way of the world is all about open offices and WeWork buildings with beer kegs and giant tic-tac-toe games, and people don't even wear ties to work anymore, but there're still professions where appearances do matter. Case and point: moi. 

In my industry, first impressions are just about everything. Mix in the fact that I'm Chinese, which means I look about five years younger than I actually am (30), and first impressions become crucial in whether I even get the conversation about money. 


To be continued...


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