Picture: New York City.


Alicia Keys said it best calling it the “concrete jungle where dreams are made of."

I also call it home.


I'm Stanley and like you, I’m also a working professional. 

I launched this site three years ago and along the way, I got too caught up in other people’s opinions about what this should be.

A friend of mine who successfully runs his own business says that I should be focused on this.

Family members, who looked on, felt that I needed to do that.

Everyone everywhere just always had something to say and add to this process and then I realized something…


I stopped giving a damn.


People will always want to tell you what they think you should do, but in the end, I didn’t do this for them. I did this because I wanted share things my way.


Sure, it took me about three years of on and off, to throw caution to the wind and say screw it.

And sure, I probably could’ve cut that time in half if I listened to Gary Vee scream it at me through his Instagram videos, but hey, better late than never right?

So without further ado:


Welcome to ST&ND where it may not look and read like a typical men’s professional accessories store but that’s the beauty of it.


I started this because I hated how expensive it was to look good in a suit for work. I remember standing in a Macy’s, looking at a nice tie and then putting it right back once I saw the dollar signs on the price tag.

In that moment I thought to myself, I have the experience and the background, what’s stopping me from going out there and finding manufacturers directly?


And that is how ST&ND started.


If you want to know more, please feel free to keep reading here where I’ll share with you my journey as it keeps going.

Otherwise please help yourself and explore the store here.


Either way, thank you for visiting.

My message is simple: Stay True and Never Doubt.